A Story you never heard before

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Hi, my first name is Nik.. lastname is Hanz (just a nickname). I life in beautiful place called ‘Nile’. I come from the village of Ir Mase, Kelane. But I did not grow up there. I follow my family and live in the ‘Nile’. Now I live in the ‘Nile’ is almost 3-4 years. I was not happy during stay here, because I lost many of my friends. Quite defferent life here, the lack of activities to attract school apart from a bit like the village atmosphere (oh!).

Such a situation would make me easy to get bored and go crazy (oh damn it!). Oh man, my classmate girl not like a women they do not change the behavior of a man who is less manners. Overall, it was like hell in there. Mixing of man and women, bitter free as possible, I like to be in dreamland. While I am not very active here in any event, because the activity is very limited, I am only active in the first year being here alone and no longer active like before (emm yea).

However, this story has been passed about two years ago.. all living history and memories. Now I am studying at a college nearly two years. Time runs so fast that I can not chase. The bitter memories let him be gone, not in mind forever. Start new life to be meaningful for this self.


At the end 2005 in the Garden of Jasmin at Kae, this is my last year at this school SMK Taman Jasmin 2. I felt as if I will lose a friends by the time it is still not known when the end. I only fear one thing, I am afraid of losing people I love in silence. She is women who in good in terms of its application, character, religion, even through she did not learn in regular religious school.

When they fall semester holidays, I hang out the main points of Kae. I have many friends here. They were all quite funny, laugh until my stomach burst. Before I forget my first love studying here because there is a friend of the Chinese nation. Sometimes also feel boring my friends with a race because the mind does not grow.

When to go there, the first destination is the home Hafiz as he my best friend since the years. If  I have any personal problems relating to ask my personal opinion he is the only place I asked. Despite their shortcomings in themselves, but there is no reason for us to avoid it because no one is perfect in this world. This is what I planted in my heart, so I’m always careful and not hurt the feelings of other people I know.

I want to opologize if my friends when we become silent when faced with you. I only speak loud if in the social websites on the internet. I admit that I am a very shy when confronted with the women, quite difficult I would like to speak with you when we met. I’m sorry (uh!).

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