Coming for second time

Hi and Salam semua!

Alhamdulillah I’m back for second time, ingat dah malas blogging.. yelah nak tumpukan pelajaran kan? Tapi when I’m not have work like assignment boringlah.. so I may continued blogging maybe? In same time I’m wanna practice my broken English. YEAH! Dalam Sains Komputer ni ada subjek “English for Academic Purpose” thats why I need write this post in English or what we call Bahasa Rojak.. LOL!

You know, my lecture target.. make sure atleast separuh student Sains Komputer dalam 3 pointer keatas.. HAHA! Sekali dengar sungguh mencabar sekali.. But, I memang suka bab-bab mencabar ni.. Ada my senior memang bagus pencapaian dia 3.8 pointer dia dapat. Memang pointer tertinggi dalam banyak-banyak student Sains Komputer daripada Sem 2 hingga Sem 6.

Most lectures says, pointer 3.8 dia dapat tu memang satu pencapaian yang tertinggi yang pernah dapat.. sebelum ni takda setinggi tu… Well I’m very interested to get high pointer like her.

I’m Feeling Good…

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