Cute Muffin

gambar muffin

Today I will story about nice memory with “muffin comey”. First I’m do alot work today, one of them is.. maintainance this blog, received an email from clients for develop some personal blog. Active on business forum atleast 4 days every week.. for some free stuff. Okey, Today on evening.. My lovely Mother.. I called her as Ummi..

I think after more than 5 hours always with personal computer. As you know, I cannot life without computer since I be friend with computer.  Okey lah, lets talk about muffin comey.. After online since morning.. I’m non stop online at lease when I heard azan.. I will break for solah and go to lunch.. and when everything done.. I’m continued online.. finally my Ummi put muffin cake on computer table.. fuh.. so delicious.. nyam-nyam…slluuurrp… haha.. like hirup sup.. Okey, your can see Muffin make by Ummiku… hehehe.. See ya..

p/s: first time I write post on English, maybe have alot wrong on it..

4 thoughts on “Cute Muffin”

    1. hehehe..
      alahai, sikit je tu.. tak banyak pun.. takpe nanti keluaran akan datang delivery ke rumah.. (bayaran tanggung sendiri) ngeh3 😀

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