Friendship and me

Today Muet examination successfully done. Wallaweh, i cannot believed i can finishup my muet today.

Have alots a question there, but i just remember this question.

“The most valueable thing in life is friendship.” Do you agree? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words.

This question give me a dreaming in minutes, when i think it back.. i will be going sad..

i don’t know how to say, my heart beat very fast. in my life, friendship is second in my life priority.

if you want to know, if i can talk and keep in touch with you in my real world. that’s mean i like to be friend with you.

maybe you will see the defferent, i preferred talk online (if have this options) then when i got positive respon from you..

i will try to talk with you when i see you. then i will smile.. 🙂

i’m not love to have a talk with all people, but selected people only.. if i feel safety, i can trust on you..i feel comfortable with you.. i will be friends with you.. and have alots of smile 🙂

let’s be friends and have alots of smile together 🙂

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