I can’t play and have fun anymore


Since i be student on KTT and take Certificate of Computer Science course i not study seriusly like others KTT students. But please don’t talk about A-Level students,  i very jelous with all of them, because every day, week, hour and second must have on library make study group.. But my class mate just lough.. melalak sana melalak sini. make my headache. I don’t want say who do like that, because we are friends.. everybody make work individual.

What i always think, why the majority Malay students do like this? like non muslim. Just hoha sana hoha sini,  malay will keep forwards when? today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next years, next two years?.. Arghh.. never mind. Why I always think about this? Buat penat jer. Well last week i very tired because no class on my time table. Just say today have a class, tomorrow have class…. bla bla bla… finally.. anybody gone! and when i ask someone in my classmate.. he say “kelas tiada” easy to say… NO classs. i just waste our time  follow the time table. Huh!

Thats enough to say here! Start today, insyaAllah i try to focus to my studys. Next month we SSK students will take final exam in SEM 1. Huh! but not easy to do this.. i need pray and talk to Allah s.w.t hope i get great result insyaAllah.. i hope so..

4 thoughts on “I can’t play and have fun anymore

  1. thats why laa…
    i told u..malay nowadays never focus with their own mission and vision…

    we have to think big…think wide…
    never ever play with our destiny of life…
    bcoz our life are the greatest thing that Allah give to us…
    appreciate our life and make it useful dunia and akhirat..insyaAllah…ameen…

    good luck my friend…. ^_lol ^_lol

    1. yea.. malay students to lazy.. they all think about fun.. not serious in studys..
      uh.. so bad la. sad pun ada.



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