Islam ummah not strong at all


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When I talk about this I remember last 2 month I have posted about “Mengapa penulisan perlu ada haha hehe hoho?” Well I got alot more bad comment than good and nice comments. I think all commenters are Islam. I don’t no how much percent Islam at some commenters. I think comments should think more what I say than make a bad attack on my articles. Yea I know maybe some commenters not understand what is my point in my articles. If your want read the artcles I say it, just search and your will got it.

The bad thing on Islam young people is there not open minded in positive input, but there be open minded in negative input, for example most young student so noty talk about theyare boy friend and girlfriend.. like to say bad words like suck, fucker, ass, bitch.. sex.. etc… watever.. for your info.. I know who I’m.. I’m  a personal called boy,man and muslim. I’m totally hate thats words, and Islam not give permission to talk about it. Because if you talk about that words what do you get? some people say for fun… LOL… its most idiot people must I see in my life. If get reward from Allah s.w.t we can say together.

I don’t know what happend to your all, please remember we not perfect like prophet Muhammad..but we must stay in perfect position.  If this situation not end don’t talk about Islam world your cannot handle it, this little problem your always not agree, just forget about Islam world. Your must try the best.. go better, better and better. Do something better than yesterday. I know you can do my friends.. so go ahead.. show your are the best!

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