It had been started, is now living memories

Credit to: Nik

Still remember that time .. Last year I was in the Certificate in Computer Science. That time I still want to know the world and the new environment in a college or university.

Yes, during that time .. it just started ..

During that time I only know to play .. not fully concentrated on their studies. Finally, the results that I can just ‘enough to eat’.

At that time, I felt my son Discriminating against the lecturers at the college ..

I felt awkward with the lecturers .. very different for different reactions .. The response given by them to us ..

I felt like I was in another world where we must continue to be independent for good .. to keep moving .. but the feeling is still not compatible to the Finish with me.

But since then I have not changed .. I remain engrossed in my own world .. Yes, a world created by my own mind …

Up until the ‘final exam’ for the Certificate in Computer Science …

Examination passed quickly …

exhausted … all memories ..

Credit to: Meor

The year 2010 starts .. This year my Diploma in Computer Science at the same college ..

This year I resolve to not repeat the same mistakes as in the previous year ..

This year .. I found the lecturers who taught us most easily to be brought to talk or want to ask something to Know ..

Yes, this year I have little confidence to communicate with the lecturer .. as they always throw smile =]

Thence friendly with my teaching economics, English, information technology, agriculture ..

I will start asking if there are certain parts that do not understand them ..

However .. only a lecturer programming quite difficult for me to approach ..

From then until now almost five months, my new almost close to it .. means easy to ask any questions that do not understand ..

In my impression he was a good lecturer .. he was tough on some students because they do not respect these lectures ..

However, there is some sad news .. because he will stop us from college after the end of the semester later .. T____T

Can not deny he is a lecturer in the wrong way its a good idea .. =]

Exhausted ……

Credit to: Meor

Scan back …

Now is the month in February 2010 ..

It’s a class called ‘Bakti Siswa’ .. At first I did not appear right away in this class .. I think it may be a boring class =]

On a day that was promised .. present state my self ..

Appearance-class appearance was set up to provide self-confidence, can communicate, and good for students who are quiet like me =]

Yes, the activities organized in class ‘Bakti Siswa’ This is so exciting! =]

We are students of Diploma in Computer Science and a Diploma in Human Development .. In this class, we break into groups mixed with students dsk and DPM.

Only all of my dsk .. because we do not attend themselves during the first class held .. so .. we shape the group of all the absentees at the first day =]

Since then, we assigned to a framework of activities to be held in each group ..

Since then also .. past activities ..

Starting out together in the prayer room cleaning .. little activity at the college ..

Start going to the goat pen … activities at the Village Land Kiching .. and many more (I forget) ..

But time passed by so quickly … eventually all but a memory ..

Have saved only a few pictures taken during the activity … its beautiful! = P

Exhausted ……..

Credit to: Meor

Alhamdulillah, if asked in my heart .. I am certainly very pleased with these activities .. yes, because I am a quiet .. =]

I would also like to make friends with students of Human Development Diploma fourth this semester .. it was really developing when we make friends with them =]

Would like to thank them, because of my quiet when my friends with them so totally the opposite, always smile .. to ask my friends .. ni is not healthy to me .. =]


They are many women, men only one .. some of them when the laughter .. really good strong bitter .. first I did not like .. Very soon, I am happy and enjoy .. although my face does not say anything but the truth is I enjoy them .. they are to understand ..

Although I do not have love hearts .. their existence .. it is in enough .. =]

They really loved making people laugh, very good picture .. not deny .. they are cute-cute .. =]

thank you to them .. My friends in the Diploma in Human Development (DPM) 4 semester that I had developed from a ‘quiet’ ..

Yes, my heart is pleased with their attitude =]

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  1. Invalid name

    I don’t think you were being a step-child state but you may just totally forget to focus on your subject instead I can see you guys ‘playing’ too much rather wants to attend class or just you being first time experienced to involved socials perhaps you were into it. Beware every time you get new friends, makes sure that your ain’t into them instead keep a social barrier when you spoke to them. Also keeps on your mind that everyone isn’t same physcology cause they are able something that you don’t and they aren’t able to do what you can do. I know you can do better than anyone if you keep an distance whenever you talk. Desire not know the victim.

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