Just anything, follow the mood

Well, at his home I felt like writing in english .. but come a time when I can not wait to write in Malay. So make me more dizzy.

Add a hand if you see entries in this blog is kind of mixed fruits for that post in English and in Malay. Was felt ashamed. But if you look back, if the average hard working is my entry in the Malay majority. In the mixed language is a little bit surprising, I my teens who do not how my emotional balance.

So how can my friends? It made me grow dizzy and confused .. Oh yes! I actually prefer to write personal entries in English .. I openly say I find it read the personal things we continue to point it. But good luck, people do not know who the author it behind the scenes, right?

Again one thing .. must have the notice, why the entry I sometimes kind of personal, sometimes I write as a ustaz I have the right degree ustaz! Since some religious items rarely .. Well .. all follow my mood. BTW, I really love to write my chapter, but religion rarely.

I also have the story right I want to comment entry or not, does not care! The reason I write not for the critics or the comments, but to share. Is not to catch traffic .. ranking is .. I was so popular .. so the intention of eventually writing is transformed into something else. Do you understand? Make-do understand is OKEY?

2 thoughts on “Just anything, follow the mood”

  1. Invalid name II

    Correction *
    Line 7 “the” is “then”
    Well, you can learn English here too… (>.<)v

  2. Invalid name II

    Nah~! How I put this thing, hmm.. Well, you know, the things is the blog always be your close friend for those who doesn’t know how to express their expression to the public, or rather I should said, blog is the only choice. There is some theory does not apply in science, they the criminal (like temper, killer etc) are getting just even greater (commit more crime) because they didn’t express their expression of the heart. That’s the theory is. So good things here, use technologies (Blogging or Webbing) the say what you gonna to say to peoples. Express it, don’t keep it, that will make you crazy isn’t? Then, welcome to the club if you feels the sense of mad*.

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