Just Love to Give than Take

I don’t know how could I say. I am not have a personal problem. OH No. Every people have personal problem. But not to BIG as my Mother and Father.

When I am with friends. There all. Almost 2 people sometimes make a little joke. But for me it’s will make me flash back to old story. But seriously. I am hating, and not ready for make a Love or whatever related.

In naturally, Love is from Human beings. But. I am not ready. I repeat again and again. I am not ready. Please understand.

Hmm. But Yea. I have love someone before, but just want to forget it at the moment. Until now I am. Sometimes I have contacted her via msg via phone to phone. She is my old friends. We be friends over 6 years.

But what I do currently is, I am not promise or waiting for her. Hope one day I will married with her. Nop. In my heart, I have and do solf talk. I am not waiting. What I do is. Just always give advice & advice to her. And very Hopeness. She will be a good girl to the lucky futures husband. Yea thats what I am dream it.

Friends who are always on my side. Will not understand my situation. What there all to is, keep in blaming. But not supporting us. I am not understand why this happend. OH.. very sad and bad. Yea.. I really mean it.

I know what I am do. Only Allah SWT understand what happend. What is my situation. I am do because of Allah..

p/s: Nothing just an unstable emotional stuff here =)

P/s: Currently very busy prepared for examination this 1 Nov. So, please do not blame me if I forgotten something.

2 thoughts on “Just Love to Give than Take”

  1. Anyway, just ignore it… Remember what Miss Farehah said, “If you are being teased, tell your true feeling, unless you’ll be teased even more than you have before.”. It’s simple but effective, telling your ‘teaser’ about your true feeling will make an new friendship between your ‘teaser’. But depending on what time, situation and how you spoke to them… I wish you good luck if you want to do that and also for your examination. Regards.

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