Life need the brave

Who is strong to face the obstacles of life? He cited a strong fit! Is that what we want?

Every day, every minute and every time we would face difficulties and pleasures of life even a little. Every time I want to escape from the problems, they will come and come. As great as any we reject it will come as well.

Catharsis of all is gratitude when we help someone. Not all can be rewarded with money. But at least do not forget to thank anyone who helped.

I’m trying to make a smile, but the result is very difficult. Because the smile comes from the heart, I do not know why I did not deceive the clever acting. If my heart is not good, I can not smile, but believe me I’m a like a smile. Only since recently I find it hard to do.

I do not know how angry, but when I reply to a message from the hard working and suddenly I do not respond it means I am in anger. If I was not talking or in certain cases I am more quiet, I think before doing something. Sometimes, out of respect for people I did not cut his speech.

I also often slow to act if I want to do something related to female friends, because I was afraid I would make mistakes. This may be my weaknesses than before, so I was not really mix with women. Does not mean I am arrogant. Excuse me. I do not know how long I will continue like this.

Only a few things that I do not like. If I do for you, do not forget to say thank you. If you say that the Malay language, do not say in English. This I really do not like. You may ask me why, when I was in good condition and to be asked.

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