Make short URL like Tinyurl via WordPress Plugin!

wordpress-plugintoday I find some cute wordpress plugin call “Pretty Link”. When your activate this plugin via your admin page. Your can create short url similar to etc. Try us now! This plugin just release today morning by Blair Williams. Below is summaryz about this plugin..wordpress-plugin

Pretty Link is a superior alternative to using TinyURL, BudURL or other link shrinking service. With Pretty Link you can create random shortened or named URLs using your website’s domain name. When these links are used, pretty link keeps track of the click count.

NOTE: You must have pretty permalinks and rewrite working in your WordPress/PHP/Apache install before pretty links will work (this is already done in most cases but if you can’t get anything but Default permalinks working then you may need to contact your system administrator). Pretty links utlilzes WordPress’s URL rewriting capabilities (via Apache’s mod_rewrite) which are only turned on when you change the settings in “Settings -> Permalinks” from “Default” to something else. If you want your blog to have any kind of decent SEO then you really should do this anyway.

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