Malaysia wordpress hosting where to find?

Since I’m have a rest on the end of semester, I have do continued researching about ‘WordPress’ the most popular name for blog publishing platform. So my planned is I hope i can share about the little stuff for who are finding web hosting from based on Malaysia.

Oh ya, currenly this blog I’m used WordPress since 2008 until now. What i get it. Wow! The most fantastic and intelligant open source script for publishing anything such as personal stuff, business, discussion between your old and new friends on the network.

WordPress is the best platform to use for social medias after facebook. Yup, I’m totally agree with this statement but then. Both of this service have a pros and contras. Just forget it, now we back to main ideas for this entry for this week =)

Okey, here I wanna share to you. In some case wordpress is very sensitive script. For example when your want upload media like picture to your latest entry you will have a problem error in uploading. It’s will say your not configure directory carefully and so on.

But the main problem is the server is not matched for wordpress you are using. For settle this problematic, your can purchase web hosting from Malaysia if your are the Malaysian people. Just have visited this page and your will look a web hosting packages in value plans. What your will get is totally great uptime and stable hosting for your money to hosted your blog!

Oh ya for your info I have used this service over 2 years now. So what are you look it for? Let’s join us, be one of the family hosted on same server with peace!

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