New model Proton Waja 2010?

Oh Gosh! What I could say is.. Very damn smartest design most I seen before. However I am not sure if this is truly new Proton Waja interface or just a people gimmick! What I am wanna say is the new one in planning model look same as Mitsubishi Lancer. Yup it’s true. Wow!

This is like my dreamed car ever in my life look very Sport. Let’s waiting for this new model it’s very suprized Damn Hot!

The ‘ura-ura’ said it’s look same because Proton Company have do relation in their business with Mitsubishi so that’s why have similarity with front of car.. but not sure how it look on backend style.

BTW, I just have few pic for take a look. So enjoy and pray hope this new design will publish to public very sooner!

7 thoughts on “New model Proton Waja 2010?”

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    Ni gambar lama daa, Proton dah wat pengumuman yg pic2 kat web sume tu dibatalkan pembinaannya. mmg dia ada kata berdasarkan Mit Lancer tp stahu aku ar, pic atas tu takde ciri-ciri Waja lngsung… BURUK! Booooringg!!

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