Not understand her, It’s hard, but keep trying

This post is because I feel very tired and it was about the problems surrounding the mine. And I prefer to write in English because I was more comfortable than in the Malay language. I have a female friend, but not a girlfriend. I do not like with a girlfriend like any other teenagers do, because it is not in the principle of my life.

Every day I always think about this one, I try to understand her, but it is very difficult, but I’ll keep trying and trying until I can answer that satisfies me. I know she has some secret I do not know but I know a little about it. In my opinion the attitude of others before her she was not like I know now, there are a significant behavior to be questioned before later.

My heart is feeling lately I just do not respond to the feelings I felt now. I think she was surprised by the attitude when I confronted her with their attitude when I send a message to her, is simply another service provided. When I ask a personal question about her, she will not reply to me .. except to ask general questions .. I do not know why she is like that .. but if the contact or meet her only well.

She has said that he had frust and she has not created or any other language we call ‘serik’. One day I had to ask her, so to be, I do not want it to be a question mark again .. I swear ..

I am currently bad mood, so beware .. HAHA !!

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  1. Invalid name

    Aha, in this matter what you need to ‘control’ is time it self. Which I mean you can never control the ‘time’ it self but to control the lack of communication between you and her. Make it’s like a long time you didn’t talking to her but in a short period. The communication that I meaning is the contact you with her. It’s how far between you and her, how long since your ‘friendship’ has been make, and the most important is what the issue that you talking to her. If you saying it just a life style or experience, that the wrong topic.. You need to talk about the realistic matter like what you gonna be in future, what you need in this time, what you want to do… There you goes. Good luck then.

    1. Hmm okey and orait boss, If we can hang out at restaurants? can speak a bit after a long time .. we can not say more about this? hehe.thank you very much then.

  2. Invalid name

    Well, I do agree with Zafiqa above me ↑
    For trust matter, you need to ‘pay’ time to get it. For woman (I think), she need watch over man cause world is full with ‘shark’ but the world also might have some ‘dolphin’, yes she need to consider all matter before giving someone her trusts.
    She isn’t like you but she also not dislike you, she just put some ‘barrier’ around you perhaps she just don’t want you mistaken that you ‘might’ like her or other way. It just the matter of time, if you can control ‘time’ then you know what I mean…

    1. haha, first see you know how to give in this matter, never ordinary. However, there is an important content in your description. I have the experience to you?

  3. salam…
    its nice to see there’s someone who is brave enough to write in full english in his blog…congratz to you…i hope it will continue…it really helps to improve your english…

    about the post, i can tell you something…about what women want most @ what exactly they want…actually women want a lot of things until they don’t even know which one should come first…so, let it be…no matter what you do you’ll never understand them…as the time pass by and she learnt to trust you, then she’ll utter what’s on her mind…be patient

    p/s : can i add this blog to my link???

    1. Wa’alaikum salam,
      Thanks for the comment, well this means I need more patience and continue to wait? Because I have no experience in this matter for I was growing up, this is the first time happened in my life sister Zafiqa. Btw, I also feel scared of these feelings, fearing they will be inclined to sin.

      p/s: yeah sure 🙂

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