Nuffnang kini di Australia!

Hari ini pada sebelah petang saya membaca email dan mendapat berita pada email saya, bahawa Nuffnang membuka sayapnya hingga ke Australia. Mengikut berita dan komen semasa Nuffnang membuka 2 cawangan dalam masa dua tahun ia merupakan kejayaan yang besar pihak Nuffnang pada saat ini. Mudah-mudahan perniagaan mereka terus maju. 

Berikut adalah cebisan saya copy & paste dari ‘co-founder’s blog’

t gives me great pleasure to present to everybody, Nuffnang Australia!

On the heels of our expansion to Philippines (which btw, is doing very well!), comes the latest addition to our family and group of companies!

Nuffnang Australia, follows the same model as in the Philippines, in that we have local, experienced partners of good standing to infuse local knowledge and expertise into our operations. Our local partners are none other than Martyn Thomas, and David Lee!

Martyn is the founder of a digital communications strategy firm, known as Frank Media, and has over 30 years of experience in the marketing world. David, is Senior Strategist at Frank Media, and has his a wealth of personal experience too, having worked at agencies like Mindshare.

So it was to be that a couple of months ago, after David’s trip to Singapore, that I made a reciprocal visit to Frank Media in Melbourne! In fact, my first EVER to australia!

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