Oh gambling license, what is the matter?

In Al-Quran already stated that gambling is illegal .. Gambling is illegal .. Gambling is illegal. How much time you want to talk do not know. If you ask any kindergarten boy there all already know about it. The verse is, sentences which you find things my own time I was ..

When passing gambling license, he had disappeared confession of faith which says ..

“I bear witness that no God but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”

They do not know my Islamic government that mark, the name of an Islamic state. But such actions are not Muslims at all. Willing to violate the law of God purely for the money, get a name, make non Islam people happy with us. Hey, what is this?

Hey people, do not feel offended insulted by the leaders themselves to? Indeed, we have long despised by the people of our own religion. No need to say the issue of seizure of Gaza by the Israel aircraft to help it if our own government like that, less Islamic trust.

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