Pd busy, getting away with ‘Love’

Writing is possible quite ‘mild language’, so only those who ‘open minded‘ and think ‘universal‘ only allowed to read.

In the ‘rush’ of a number of things in ‘overtime’, far corner of my heart really started thinking how I am O God? Busy chasing the world that ‘almost’ away from ‘Hereafter’. Where previously the ‘lazy’ though I could worship at the nearby mosque or civil servant, following the religious lectures by guest speakers conveyed by Bilal, Bilal and the priest at the Surau .. usually when the last evening. But now? Subhanallah .. Forgive me. “I am much of his impeccably! I want to change!

‘The more time felt more’ me busy ‘protect heart’ and customers ‘partner’ to the world is called ‘money’. I know, what I develop for 1-2 years a new ‘lukewarm’ age. There are never persuaded that any work undertaken now requires ‘overtime’ because we are still new and need ‘income’ that much to cover certain payments.

When I really think this way O my God? There is a saying..

“If we pursue the Last, the world will come in its own right”

But how many among us who are ‘refined’ the words ‘wisdom’ of this?

Many of ‘us’ that ignores the congregational prayers in the mosque and the civil servant is to provide assistance to customers, they do not understand what prayer is still in’ occupied ‘treat’ red ‘customers never understand prayer at the beginning of time and do a’ congregation ‘is MANDATORY!?

Hey! We must remember that the main source of income is from Allah, not because we give the best to our customers will have the ‘reputation’ as well. Thus we get things so much?! While the ‘customer’ is a medium that God gives us things!

In addition ..

Congregational prayer for men is MANDATORY! It as narrated in a hadith that reads ..

“I will burn the houses of residents do not pray in congregation in the mosque at the entrance of prayer”

If refined the words above, we will automatically feel the prayers that are REQUIRED for men to do in the mosque in congregation, not just pray at home alone or just worship at home and office!

That “reality” and not a ‘fantasy’ in the fantasy world!

That is why if we see the line in the row in the mosque at the time, most have two rows only (hah!) That he, meditation ‘humiliated’ it is the Muslims! This happens because people around us are not ‘sensitive’ to this, it is ‘begging’!.

Cake! Friends, we MUST reach any way?

Get Lost!

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