Personal interest: Nikon DSLR D3100

Beberapa bulan yang lalu saya sempat ke Butik Nikon di Time Square. Kebetulan di sana juga ia ada sediakan model Nikon dan boleh test drive. Boleh guna sendiri kamera tu.

Sudah lama hajatnya nak beli kamera DSLR ni. Tapi tak terbeli lagi tengah kumpul duit. Ramai yang angkat Sony SLR sebab murah sikit. RM1500 dah boleh merasa gambar kualiti SLR.

Ramai sekarang orang muda suka dengan kamera ni, termasuk saya orang muda juga. Haha *perasan*. Dengan kamera ni boleh simpan kenangan dan boleh buat duit kerana gambar yang dihasilkan seperti kita lihat pemandangan dengan your own eyes.

Harga pasaran untuk model ini RM2,180. Kalau you pandai cari RM1,900 boleh dapat full set + bag + standard lens. Secara ringkasnya fungsi adalah seperti dibawah.


D3100 employs Nikon’s latest breakthrough technology to deliver superb results. A newly developed DX-format CMOS sensor with 14.2 effective megapixels works in tandem with new EXPEED 2 image processing engine to produce highly detailed images containing rich tonal gradations and faithful color. This combination also helps produce beautifully defocused backgrounds – a hallmark of quality digital SLR cameras. In addition, a maximum ISO of 3200 (expandable to ISO 12800 equivalent using the Hi 2 setting) allows you to shoot without worrying about camera-shake blur. (link)

Easy Operation

An enchanting portrait against a softly defocused background, or a radiant couple surrounded by sparkling lights. Taking photos like these is easy with D3100’s Guide Mode – in-camera guidance that shows you step-by-step how to change camera settings. Just select a Guide Mode setting that matches the scene then let Guide Mode assist. Not only will you obtain the desired results, you’ll understand how you achieved them. Guide Mode even displays sample photos so you’ll know what to expect from each setting. (link)

Full HD Movies

Discover the difference a digital SLR makes when shooting movies. A wide selection of NIKKOR lenses gives you freedom to explore different angles and obtain lovely defocused backgrounds while D3100’s advanced imaging system assures outstanding quality. And for action sequences, new Subject-tracking AF keeps subjects properly focused. After the shoot, view movies on the large 7.5-cm (3-in.) LCD monitor and perform simple editing tasks like trimming scenes before or after a designated point and extracting still images. HDMI compatibility* lets you connect D3100 to an HDTV with playback managed by the TV’s remote control**. (link)

* Via HDMI mini-pin connector.
** HDMI CEC-compatible TVs only.

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  1. Ko nk amik gmbar ape? Kalu permandangan elok pakai Canon, kalu amik gmbar org atau muke org, Nikon mmg terbaek.
    Sony n Panasonic pun okay gak. Tp accessory mhal la…

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