Ramadhan don’t leave me alone

Hari Raya coming again on this year. Cool huh? Na-Ah.. I am not really sure lorh.

Well last night I am feel something defferent than other night. Yup pretty sure. BTW this morning the air is soo solfty cool and it’s very comfortable.. oh so sweeties ^_^

I think last night is malam Lailatur Qadr..

Hmm.. the thing is.. why everyone seem look very happy Ramadhan will leaving us and look in front to says welcome Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The question is why?

I am very unhappy when Ramadhan will end in few days. Because I feel strong enough go jemaah together during this month. Yup pretty sure. The environment is look like life in Islamic city. I feel brand new and more better.. Oh only god knows.

This feelings most beautiful in my heart.

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