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Now, I will be quite and silent at the moment on the Facebook (FB) until my dream success, need do it for my future. thanks for everything my friends. To girls, please take care I love u (who i know – ;P). Mayb i just active write on my personal blog (see on profile). FB can’t do anything for u. Its just for fun, you cannot learn something new on it, just waste your time. I do not cheating you, I believe what I say is true. I need to be serious start now (^^).

Many of them may think I am joking, of course not! Yeah if you see I was online, so true, but only for business. Not to be personal. Hey! Until when we want to spend time with the social thing? We regret to no end? Hey!! Please think about it! Do not live my mother and father only worry. Try to think a little, our mother’s father worked day and night for us so that we are hard to learn but what we do with them?

I am happy to see one of my friends S.R always hear the words of his mother. I think she is good girl in her family I haven’t seen. Perhaps many of us do not know a more open use of FB. In addition to socialize in person FB can generate extra income if you know it. Yeah!! You would not believe my words? But you must find yourself how (^^)!

Sometimes I feel aggrieved because I need attention of a person. But what I can? I do not get any at all. Perhaps some will say, “Do what you want story about him? Not he the living us“. Very hard to pull her attention, I do not know whether her was aware or do not know. T_T

Hovewer, only just today my words to express to you. “Jangan terlampau sayang pada sesuatu, nanti benda yang kita sayang pula yang makan diri kita kembali..”.

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