Kepahitan & Kemanisan, Tanggungjawab & Risiko

Satu. Setiap detik bermula.

Dua. Setiap langkah kehadapan.

Tiga. Setiap harapan bermula.


Inilah aku manusia kerdil yang dihimpit lautan manusia. Masing-masing membuat hal sendiri.

Aku. Adalah aku.

Engkau. Adalah Engkau.

Kita adalah sama, yang membezakan kita cuma amalan sahaja.

Aku adalah seorang Lelaki.

Engkau seorang Perempuan.

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Say good bye

Now, I will be quite and silent at the moment on the Facebook (FB) until my dream success, need do it for my future. thanks for everything my friends. To girls, please take care I love u (who i know – ;P). Mayb i just active write on my personal blog (see on profile). FB can’t do anything for u. Its just for fun, you cannot learn something new on it, just waste your time. I do not cheating you, I believe what I say is true. I need to be serious start now (^^).

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A Story you never heard before

(example picture by The Lovely Bones)

Hi, my first name is Nik.. lastname is Hanz (just a nickname). I life in beautiful place called ‘Nile’. I come from the village of Ir Mase, Kelane. But I did not grow up there. I follow my family and live in the ‘Nile’. Now I live in the ‘Nile’ is almost 3-4 years. I was not happy during stay here, because I lost many of my friends. Quite defferent life here, the lack of activities to attract school apart from a bit like the village atmosphere (oh!).

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