The breaking fast Diploma

On August 18 diploma students attending our break fast in college. After breaking fast, we pray Isha prayers in the main hall in college. After the terawih prayers, some reading the Quran by Quran recital participants. Number of all the participants a total of ten. I was on the right line once in the back row. My position is the same as last year, the difference this time will need to read three verses as not many participants diploma participate.

Common kinds of viewers are not so many, but if you want to compare with last year, yet many in the last year actually. haha, don’t carelah.

This is part of my contacts, some I do not know and who knows. They force the student unions, they were active in the event a diploma. But what frightened me was Akim said I will also be included as well. Argh!

This group also same. heh

This is if no one is invalidated because if they do not silence the college. haha. ops, sorry guys i should tell the truth. hehe

After receiving a gift from Datin, we smiled happily.

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