They have made my heart aggrieved

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Recently, I have to shopping complexes. When entering the front door only existing KFC restaurant. What do I not aggrieved because the existence of a restaurant KFC KFC restaurant, but visitors are all among those of our Malay Muslims. Prior to this we are excited with the news on the internet that says every purchase at KFC restaurants will contribute to Israel to destroy Palestine. Did not them that every purchase at KFC restaurants will be donated to Israel or Jews?

It’s the same with MC Donald, every 1 percent we will contribute to them. I see no one in between that they feel guilty when eating there. My heart grew sick when they eat while laughing with friends while Palestinians living there with misery. They are not happy about the meaning over tens years ago. But what we do as Muslims? We do not feel pity to the suffering experienced by them in degree.

What is the matter with the Muslims in Malaysia? They are not to know about the Palestinians. Where is your dignity as Muslims? They bullied there, in football, in the rape. But we also continue to eat KFC. I do not know which kind to make them aware. I do not know which kind you’d like to say again, they may stay in a luxury too so can not think the fate of Muslims there. Very sad when these things reminisce. But harmfully force could only see us on TV when the news albeit not publish if not meaningful.

Look a little young we do not even think about their fate because they are surrounded by entertainment such as the alleged aggressors day period. Not see that they have clothes do not show a direct image of Islamic youth, their clothing is very tight. But until when will this happen? Do we need to be speechless until Resurrection? What do you want in the answer when asked by God later? What has been done by us to deliver Islam?

Enough talk much and does not use, so long as they do not realize that as long as this problem will not be completed.

But one thing you must remember,

Who does not know to take matters of Muslims, then he is not among them (Hadith Shahih)

4 thoughts on “They have made my heart aggrieved”

  1. salam,

    erk. kejab, since when KFC listed dlm boikot? McD tau la. and is it true KFC give some royalties to israel? where did u get the info? 😯

    1. salam,

      KFC & Mc Donald sama saja dua2 tak boleh pakai. Sebelum ni ada info. Tapi bermusim lama2 takda.

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