You are nearly on 2012, stop dreaming!

Long time not updates anything relates about me here. Yea i know maybe when my friends stalk here and see bored posted (advertisement) and anything related to my online business like web hosting etc. I not really know why 2 months semester break i just spend my time for my own business and have alots of articles i write about them. I think this only way to make me busy and steady with my young student life [:

You know, i’m proudly to say i’m become great stalker to my colleges friend blog. Ahaha. Not directly read to her blog but using web applications that’s it’s will keep save the new articles using feed channel. Personally i’m enjoy read her blog, well done people you are still young to think about love and feelings. Life must go on, do not think soo much about it, chill and steady :]

As people know, when we on aged 19 and going 21 and 21 years old I think it’s normal human naturally we feel to loving someone we know before not matter who are them. Yea, I’ve this experience before. It take about 1 year and 9 months to me to make myself matured and not to think keep thinking about love on my mind. It’s really hard.. very hard. But we must strong to continue our life as student.

My personal opinion is, keep praying to Allah swt and do solah sunat and wake up to tahajjud at late night to calm your mind about keep in remember about someone your love. This just small sharing from me to you and all who read my blog.

Ouch! This new semester was semester five i don’t have any hopes i can get high pointer [: i do not think much about it, but just lil bit afraid and haunted to me sometimes. Ahaha. What i need to do is, pretend like nothing happend (:

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