Yup! Done have it!

As you know my previous post I want moved my blog to new domain.. and now… TADAA!!.. Congratulation to myself… ~he he he..

Harapnya hati ni akan lebih berpuas hati dengan menjatuhkan talak 3 pada kekasih .MY lalu bertunang dan akad nikah dengan .COM…

Soooo.. whats next?

next step is… work hard.. study hard… for best result in future.. insyaAllah… Mis Assignment pun dah bertimbun datang.. mesti disiapkan sebelum masuk this April… kena cepat nih..

Time is always run…run… and run away from me…. and should I run to catch it???..

Hum! Terasa sikit bahagia dalam diri selepas menghadapi “stress” last Tuesday..

p/s: currently blogging at my friend hostel..

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